Life is Good

I have a great life.  I mean i was thinking about it today and I realized that there is so much good in my life.  I feel so lucky to be alive.  I have parents who love/protect/take care of/support me.  I have 2 older brothers and a little sister that i know love me, even if it is a little dysfunctional.  Families are so great.  It gives us all a place to belong, ya know?  You have your own little traditions and stuff making you unique…or at least it makes me feel special.  The beauty of it all is that every family has something.  I love it.  Speaking of families, Susan got nominated for homecoming duchess.  I\’m sooooo happy for her!!  I hope she wins.  I believe both my brothers are employed at the present moment which is super super good.  I\’m happy for them too.  I have the most WONDERFUL friends in the history of the world.  I\’m so lucky that God sent me so many blessings in my life.  Thank you all so much for being so wonderful.  I\’m the luckiest girl in the world because of you.  School\’s going good.  I have 2 B\’s and 3 A\’s.  Arlington is growing on me too.  I have no idea what I\’m gonna do next year.  I\’m so lucky to live in America where I have so many freedoms.  I\’m soo glad that I\’m Catholic.  Out of all the religions in the world I really believe that the Catholic Church is the most amazing one.  Now that doesn\’t mean that I dislike anyone else.  I just love my faith.  I\’m so glad that I\’m a goody two shoes.  I love the fact that I don\’t go out and party and stuff.  I know I want kids someday, but I\’m so happy that I don\’t have one now.  There\’s a girl in one of my classes who has a 2 year old son.  I was thinking about how hard it would be.  I\’m thankful that I have everything I have.  I feel like the luckiest girl ever.  Thank you God for giving me this wonderful world to live in and constantly bestowing your blessings on me.

\”She\’s pretty, but not one to play scrabble with.\” – Jessica

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