Six Flags

The Red Sox are out of the world series.  Congratulations Joe.  The Astros better freaking win.

After trig Chris gave me a call and asked what I was doing for lunch.  I said nothing, cause well I was doing nothing.  So we went to Jackson\’s and had this awesome conversation about quantum physics or binary something or other involving alternate universes and free will as well as God\’s destination for our lives.  It was so cool.  Perhaps, we\’re just losers.  Anyways, then we went to Chris\’s and watched Better Off Dead.  It\’s a really good movie.  I was thoroughly impressed.  funny stuff.  Then we played Mario Party, I think.  Then around dinner time we got hungry so we went to On the Border.  It was so much fun.  It was Chris, Me and Rachel.  And while we were there who of all people shows up but my good friend and roomate, Jessica.  She was out with some guy.  Then back to Chris\’s where we pretty much just sat around and talked until late and then went home to sleep so that we could wake up early to go to six flags. The on Satruday:  SIX FLAGS!!! it was much fun.  Me, Chris, Rachel and Jessica.  Full day of Fright Fest fun.  I\’m such a wimp though.  I mean I\’m the worst person to go on Roller Coasters with cause I\’m always freaking out.  I\’ll go and I\’ll have fun, but Im always very VERY tense.  Though I did put my hands up on the shockwave.  Mr. Freeze was the scariest.  I was completely frazzeled by the end.  It was fun though.  Still haven\’t gone on the titan.  I\’m way to scared.  After that I went to Chris\’s apartment and hung out forever and we were both super tired.  I fell asleep.  He was in no condition to drive me home anyways.  This morning we had waffles and now I\’m back home.  Wondering what I\’m going to do with my life.  Where I am relationship wise.  Waht I should and should not do.  it really sucks when there\’s no right or wrong way.  I can decide between right and wrong.  I can\’t decided between maybe right and maybe right.  It\’s no good.  either way I have to live my life.  Hopefully I don\’t screw it up.  I need help.

\”You have a really cartoon-y voice.\” – Chris and Rachel

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  1. the titan is so much easier than mr. freeze…….me and my friends were playing paper rock scissors on the way down

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