Bed Races

Last night was SOOO much fun!  It was the Annual Bed Races.  I wasn\’t planning on racing any bed, cause I didn\’t sign up for a team. I was just going to watch and join in the World\’s Largest Pillow Fight.  Which we did beat the record.  There were over 3,000 people in the pillowfight.  It was like Klein having a pillowfight.  Around 6:30 Rachel calls me to go to Dinner, and Kattiey comes, because she\’s been working so hard on her \”lump of clay\”.  (It\’s some architecture project thing.  It really is good, it just kinda looks like a lump of clay for a liberal arts major.)  So we go to Eat dinner (Cheeseburger and fries).  Then we check our mail and I got a little flier thing.  It was exciting.  Please Please PLEASE send me mail.  It would make me so happy.  I know you won\’t.  I just wish *someone* did.  So then we check out Mav Express because Kattiey said that they have discount Six Flags tickets.  (We\’re going to Six Flags tomorrow.  I\’m so excited!)  Then we wait for Skye and go to Ray\’s dorm to get ready for Bed Races and then to my dorm for bed races.  Imagine this…it\’s not that hard to imagine for me i\’m sure.  I have the worst fashion sense EVER.  I had my sketchers on with pink socks, my cow-jumping-over-the-moon pajama pants, my huge tie-dye shirt with the cross, Danny\’s flannel jacket that everyone associates with me, a black sweatshirt tied around my waist…it was freaking cold…my hair done up in french braids, curteosy of Skye, with blue and yellow hairbands, and Chris\’s I\’m a pepper hat that he so graciously gave me.  (Its really old and tattered and I keep destroying it….sorry, Chris)  I was ready.  So we get there and check in and Chris forgot his pillow so he had to go back and get his.   So while we\’re standing around…actually dancing around cause there was music.  I decided that if I couldn\’t go to homecoming I\’d at least get to dance at the Bed Races.  So we\’re dancing.  I taught Rachel and Chris the foot dance thing.  You people from church know what I\’m talking about.  At least I think you would know.  So while we\’re standing around this Bed Race group comes up to us and says we need 2 people cause some team members didn\’t show up so Kattiey and I jumped up and joined the Zedunks team.  It was so much fun racing the bed.  Yay for school traditions.  Then the pillow fight is about to start so I ask this girl Laura to hold my purse for me, cause she wasn\’t participating in it, and as I turn around somebody stole my pillow that was laying next to the trashcan right by Skye\’s backpack.  I was so afraid that I wasn\’t going to get it back.  So Rachel gave me hers for a little bit and I was hitting people, figuring I\’d find my pillow later.  And my friend John starts hitting me and I look at him and he has my pillow.  I was so mad.  I was extra mean to him the rest of the night.  Then we hung around and danced and Rachel almost got crushed by a table.  But she didn\’t.  So that\’s good.  Then we went to Chris\’s and watched some of his movies which were HILARIOUS!!  I was really impressed.  Then we were hungry Rach and I went to Taco Bell and I had a chicken quesadilla.  It was really good.  I came home at about 3 in the morning.  I\’m such a bad kid.  I don\’t have English today.  I really need to do stuff.  Make my bed, do my homework, do laundry, vacum my room, take a shower all that jazz.  But instead I am writing in my xanga.  Way to go time management!

\”We get really weird when there\’s good weather.\” – Rachel \”I know we\’re all like, it\’s a good day.  I just ran over a cat, but it\’s a good day.\” – Me

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