You are getting sleepy….

Last night was so crazy.  I kinda feel like I went to a party and now I don\’t remember what happened.  I remember a little bit, but Rachel and Chris said I was so out of it that i couldn\’t remember most of what happened.  I promise I wasn\’t on drugs or drunk or anything.  I know someone\’s going to think that and worry about me.  I\’m not a partier.  It wasn\’t even a party.  I felt bad like all day.  Stupid sick stuff.  Then I talked to Joe about his homecoming plans.  Then I started talking to Chris (and to those of you who don\’t know who Chris is, he\’s like my best friend I\’ve made in Arlington.  He\’s friends with both of my roomates too.  So he\’s like constantly around, so when I say Chris that\’s who I mean)  and I wanted to play Mario 64.  So I went to his apartment and played Mario 64 and Mario Party.  \’Twas mucho fun.  Then Ray called and her and skye wanted to swim so we went down to the pool (Chris and I didn\’t swim, cause we didn\’t feel very good).  We started talking about hypnotism so we went up to chris\’s room and tried it.  Chris got really close and I was really out of it, so they say.  I remember a little.  it was crazy.  THe rest of the night I might as well have been on drugs.  I kept laughing and stumbling.  It was like I spent the night getting high.  But I didn\’t.  I was just reeeeeeeeeeeeally relaxed.

\”I hit my father.  I saw the whole thing.\” – Eric Matthews Boy Meets World


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