Random Facts About Me

Movies I could write about for English:  Garden State, Moulin Rouge, Big Fish, Romeo + Juliette

My favorite Animals:  Mallard Ducks, Salamanders, Moose, Elephants, Dogs (Old English Sheepdogs are the best), Penguins (Remind me of Alex)

My favorite Colors:  Blue and Yellow (I\’m like a walking Klein  High School)…I also like Purple and Green, but lately I\’ve been very partial to orange.  I\’m not a huge fan of red, but i like to wear brown.

Country Mouse or City Mouse:  City Girl all the way.  Favorite Cities: Boston!! (Go Red Sox), Austin, New York.  Boston is by far my favorite I would LOVE to go to Northeastern.

Ocean, Woods or Mountains: Ocean.  I\’m a Maine girl.  You have to love the beach.  2nd would be Mountains.  I\’m not a big woods person.

I used to sail and dance.

I hate trains, bees and vomit.

I used to play with a little plastic lamb and Richard Scary\’s Best Word Book Ever for fun growing up.

Boy Meets World is the Best Show EVER!!

Foods that make me unique: Ployes (buckwheat pancakes), Poulet Gras (Grass Soup), Whoopie Pies, Peanut Butter Balls, St. Hubert\’s Gravy,

I am currently: Typing in my xanga, eating Coco Puffs, and listening to How Do I Love Her by Steven Curtis Chapman

I like Potatoes.  Alot.

Favorite Names: Boys: Caedmon, Daniel, Joseph, Francis, Gabriel, Banjamin, Alexander; Girls: Kadeline, Rannelle, Melissa, Hazel, Imogene, Nicole, Therese, Aimee, Marjorie

I only drink Milk and Water.

According to the Advanced Global Personality test:

Top 6 Traits:  1) Religious 2) Romantic 3) Physical Security 4) Histrionic 5) Extraversion 6) Dependency

Least 5 Traits: 1) Hedonism 2) Adventurousness 3) Narcissism 4) Work Ethic 5) Stability

I want to go to Italy and France.

I want to take up dancing again.

Alright so that was incredibly random information about me.  Maybe my next entry will be a bit more…something.

\”For the sake of his sorrowful passion have mercy on us and on the whole world.\” – Divine Mercy



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