Tuesdays are so long.  Joe, you owe me a divine mercy.  Oh don\’t think I\’ll forget.  Yesterday I felt so bad.  I was so tired it was ridiculous.  I took like 3 naps and felt nauseous all afternoon (when I wasn\’t sleeping…which was the majority of the day).  Then I had to drag myself to the night time observation.  In a nutshell this is what we saw in the telescopes:  1. planetary nebula (aka faint gray tiny ring) 2. Binary star (2 dots, one yellow, one blue) 3. Globular cluster (fuzzy dot).  Then i didn\’t want to go home cause my dorm gets boring, so rachel and I went to wal-mart and I spent yet more of my money on food.  It\’s ridiculous.  We pretty much eat money.  Woke up late today so i was 15 minutes late to astronomy.  Ugh.  No good.  But at least I went, right?  Extra credit today.  Yay!  Sociology.  Pretty standard Tuesday.  Then Astronomy lab.  It\’s not that bad, but it makes my Tuesday\’s so long.  At least I get out at 1:20, rachel\’s still in class right now so her day\’s even longer than mine.  I miss ballet and tap and jazz.  Well pretty much i miss dancing.  I kinda want to take it back up again.  I don\’t want to be like super serious about it though.  Rachel and I are going to start working out.  Yay for being physically fit.

Vatican City has the highest crime rate of any nation on earth. 20 times that of Italy.(


\”The thing that I need, you know the thing with the paper.  You know?  The thing for the paper….3 Hole Punch!\” – Me

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  1. per capita crime  only 100 people live there..lets be real
    how are ya by the way..miss your coffee =-]

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