Academically Predictable

I\’m so excited!  I got a 106 on my first governement test (He gave an 8 point curve and i got a 98).  It\’s hilarious because you can see where I shine in academics.  Low B in Trig…of course, but a B nonetheless….i\’m cool with that.  I was expecting that.  B in Science (Though i am quite surprised, I thought I failed the test right after I took it.)  High B or low A in English (I\’m not quite sure how things are distributed in that class yet).  Sociology:98 and Govt: 106.  Can you tell I\’m good at social studies?  I\’ve more or less had the same grades in middle school, then high school, and now I continue the pattern in college.  I\’m so well-rounded it makes me sick sometimes.  Oh and my trig teacher added 6 points on our  test grades.  That means an 86.  Yay.  So school\’s going good.  The bad part is my \”not living life to the fullest\”.  I don\’t mind hanging out alone in dorm room all day on Sunday talking to my baby on the phone for like 4 hours.  I actually enjoy it.  But I guess they have a point.  I should try and get out more.  This weekend we planned to got to six flags.  I want to go so bad.  Kattiey\’s going home this weekend though, so I don\’t know what we\’ll do.  I figure if I live in Arlington I should at least go once.  I also want to go to a Ranger\’s game.  That would be fun.  Anyways.  I took a nap.  It was good and I really need to do my nighttime observation.

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