Tomb Thumb is Randall\’s

So yesterday.  I didn\’t do very much in the day time.  I just cleaned my room…or attempted to, it\’s still messy, but you know what, it happens.  Went to tom Thumb, which is EXACTLY like Randalls.  it\’s almost creepy.  I feel so special living in North Texas now.  Like it really feels like i live in like a whole other state or something.  I know that\’s so dorky, but hey, whatever.  I like feeling special.  So No one was home this weekend except for Chris, so we went to his apartment and wacthed hotshots and cook like a real \”homemade\” meal.  It was really good.  I\’ve decided that I am going to learn how to cook and when I get married and have children i\’m gonna cook for them so we can have good food all the time.  We went to my dorm after that and hung out till like 3ish probably and then this morning we went to church (Catholic Mass then Baptist sunday school)  I went to bed at like 4:30, so I\’ve been exhausted all day so I was a bit incoherent.  I really want mexican food.  It sucks not having a car, or money for that matter.  i should really do trig today, I have no motivation.  Hey, I\’m coming home the weekend of October 28th so if anyone wants to hang out please please call me or something.  I kinda want to go to Klein\’s Homecoming game, but I don\’t want to go by myself.

I would just like to say that I am very pleased with today\’s Baseball scores.  The Red Sox beat the yankees 10-1.  How awesome is that!  The Astros won, as did the Phillies, as did the Blue Jays.  Yay for all my teams playing well.  Sorry, Joe!

\”Fun is Good.\” – Dr. Seuss

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