Bad Mood

I had a stick up my butt yesterday.  I\’m sorry to everyone I talked to yesterday.  Seriously I woke up this morning and was like….man I was in a bad mood last night.  Sorry guys.  I love you all, I promise.  I think at night everything gets worse and being illogical at night is no good.  I\’m good now though.  I took my first government test.  I think I did ok.  I got an 87 on my English paper.  Is that good?  Are B\’s good in college?  Everyone always talks about how they want A\’s, and that would be nice, but I\’ve always gotten B\’s…pretty much, except in history (I think I have a 98 in Sociology).  I hope it\’s enough to get me a 3.2.  I\’m going swing dancing tonight.  I\’m so nervous.  I hope I\’ll have fun.  I hope there\’s other people going too.  That would be awesome.  I saw Chris today for the first time since Tuesday and poor kid.  27 hours without sleep and sick.  It was really sad.  i need to clean my dorm desperately and I\’m gonna be all by my lonesome this weekend pretty much.  I\’ll clean.  I promise.

\”Next time a guy asks you somewhere, just imagine he\’s a big bottle of beer.\” – Rachel

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