Feeder Roads

How do I get myself into these situations?  I\’m going swing dancing tomorrow.  That should be real fun….ugh.  It\’s not that it won\’t be fun, I just get really nervous cause i\’m an uptight freak.  I never needed to do anything \”fun and exciting\” to feel like i\’m living.  I prefer to be boring.  I mean none of my friends are really partiers or wild or anything.  I don\’t mind being dull.  Being adventurous makes me nervous.  But alas I am going swing dancing tomorrow.  Tonight is some music program thing.  I\’m excited.  There\’ll be free food.  Anyways, I should totally be studying for govt.  I\’m tired I need a nap.  Ate lunch with Sam and Andrea.  Joe and I took online quizzes and laughed about how we\’re from Houston and how his family\’s from Lousisiana.  Man, I love that kid.

\”You know you\’re from Houston when…Spring is not the season, Katy\’s not the lady and 1960\’s not the year.\”

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