All By Myself

I\’m gonna be  all alone this weekend.  That\’s sad.  Jessica\’s going to some sorority retreat and Kattiey\’s going home.  oh well.  I guessI\’ll hang around and clean or catch up on work.  I took like a 2 hour nap today.  It was rockin.  i got an 80 on my trig test too.  How awesome.  Good BMW episode today.  The one where Mr. tuner gets into a bike accident.  i have got to schedule my computer to record BMW for me.  I love that show.  i\’m such a loser.  I helped Joe study too.  i\’m having Easy mac for dinner.  Went to church today.  It was fun.  Tonight is surprise night.  I\’ve got to get a 3 hole punch.  Wow.  This entry is really random.  Sorry guys.

\”God, I don\’t want to be empty inside anymore.\” – Shawn Hunter

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