Mass with the Bishop

Chris and I totally went to mass yesterday.  how freaking awesome is that.  And you know what makes it even cooler.  The Bishop was there!!!  I mean that hardly ever happens and it just so happened we went to the right mass at the right Catholic church on the right weekend.  life is good.  It was nice to be in an actual church building.  I like it better than being in the UCC (no offense, but the UCC just doesn\’t feel the same….it doesn\’t really feel like home)  St. Vincent de Paul did though.  It was so comfortable and awesome.  Then we went to Taco Bueno.  Then we went to Chris\’s parent\’s house which was fun.  I got to meet his sister, parents and his dog Marie.  It was soo gorgeous outside yesterday too.  Like they said it would rain until Wed., but there isn\’t even a cloud in the sky.  So beautiful.  Then we went back to my dorm and then to Chris\’s apartment and then finally ate at Don Pablo\’s (Where we had really interesting converstaions…lol)  It was really good.  I got fajitas and quesadillas. Yay.  I want to go there again sometime.  Then we went to see the Corpse Bride, which totally parallels my life.  It was really intersting.  God has a sense of humor.  I wrote a paper on JPII today during english.  It was fun.  I\’m so hungry I need to go eat.  Talk to you later!

\”To err is human; to forgive, divine.\” – Alexander Pope

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