Catholic High

I am so pumped up!! I\’m going to mass this morning with my good friend Chris (He\’s baptist in case you didn\’t know).  I\’m so excited.  It\’s like I get to share like the fullness of truth with someone.  Who awesome!  I get to consume the body the blood the soul and the divinity of Jesus Christ.  That\’s enough to make anyone pumped about going to mass, but to get to share the most perfect prayer with someone.  To show someone who\’s never been to a catholic mass before what it is we do and what we believe and be able to share with them like the greatest thing of all time including the most blessed sacrament (well i guess it\’s not sharing if he doesn\’t take the Eucharist, but he\’ll still be there).  I\’m so hyped.  I\’m such a nerd.  I love being Catholic.  Went up to Denton last night.  We went on the wrong day.  Haha.  Joe thought it was hilarious.  We were supposed to go today, but oops.  Rachel got confused.  Just a little misunderstanding.  Then Chris came over.  I swear it\’s like he lives here and me, Chris and Jessica talked for a really long time.  so much fun.  Jessica also made out common room beautiful!! Yay for decoration.  That\’s all for now folks!

\”We point the finger even though it\’s not polite.  We condemn the Son of God; we\’re hoping two wrongs make a right.\” – Relient K

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  1. you know what karen? we’re pretty cool cousins.. i went into my xanga on saturday and put listening to RK-anatomy of tongue in cheek.. and then I go to your xanga, and guess what you’re listening to?! pretty sweet.. haha.. yeah well i’ll talk to you later <3

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