Wow.  Yesterday I didn\’t even turn my computer on!  That\’s like amazing.  That never ever happens.  It must mean I\’m getting more of a life.  Or maybe I\’m easier-ly entertained.  Alright.  Thursday night Chris came over cause he\’s all concerned about me (cause I\’m from Houston and my family\’s there)  and he wanted to make sure i was ok, but I think part of him didn\’t want to be all alone in his apartment cause his brother\’s in Plano, I think.  But it was fun cause we went to Wal-Mart cause I needed to grocery shopping and Kattiey needed to buy shorts for Oozeball.  We were there forever it seemed.  Like over 3 hours.  The lines were soo long because apparently the apocolypse is coming.  We didn\’t leave there until like 11.  Then Chris stayed till like 1:30 talking….mainly to Kattiey and Jessica, cause I was so exhausted I was incoherent.  Friday.  Woke up, surprisingly, cause I\’ve been so tired cause I never sleep anymore.  Government.  Boring.  English.  Doing a Paper on JPII rock on!  Trig. Pointless.  After trig I walked all the way to Greek Row and for you kiddos from Houston, KC Hall (My dorm) and Greek Row are like really far apart from each other.  Like oppostie sides of the campus.  I go there cause I don\’t know what\’s going on for Oozeball, cause I was gonna play.  And I see we\’re playing at 2:00 well it was like 12:30 so i was gonna call Chris, cause his apartment is right next to Greek Row, but I forgot my phone back at the dorm.  So I walked all the way back.  Called Chris and told him to get his icecream out of my fridge.  So he came and we went to his apartment and I ate Beef Stew and then we walked to Oozeball at 2.  Let me tell you.  Oozeball is CRAZY!!!  You have to ducktape your shoes to your feets or they\’ll fall off.  Mine was ducktaped and they still almost fell off.  You sink and then get stuck in the mud.  I\’m horrible at Volleyball.  So I did nothing to help our team.  But I got all muddy!  So I gave chris…who was all nice and clean a huge hug.  And he got really mad at me and threw my in the mud so I took his favorite hat and wiped the mud off of me with it.  It was much fun.  Then we took a shower together.  I mean like a public shower with like 12 other people in a public are fully clothed.  So then we walked all the way home (by we I mean Rachel, Kattiey and I) cause Chris went home to take a shower.  Took a shower to get all the mud off.  Fun stuff.  Chris came over and we were going to go swimming at his apartment complex, but we fell asleep instead.  so tired.  Got up and went to Chile\’s with Chris, Rachel and Skye.  It was really good, but i\’m regretting eating my whole meal there cause now I have nothing for lunch today and the Cafeteria\’s closed  right now.  Sucks.  Then we went swimming which was friends….except the creepy guy that asked us to drink with him.  Then to Chris\’s where we just hung out and talked and played the piano and sung and whatnot.  Then Rach and Skye left and I hung around until like 1:30 again.  Then I went home to sleep.  Woke up and now here I am writing in my xanga.  Oh and Joe\’s sick so I don\’t get to go to Gainesville, which is really sad.  I feel so bad for him.  I want to help him feel better so badly.  i hope he\’s feeling at least a little better this morning.  Poor baby.  I might go up to Denton tonight for dinner.  That could be pretty cool.  That\’s about it. Until next time.

\”This penguin ran out of my room and I tripped over it and fell.  Then he kicked me in the face and ran away.\” – Me

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