Trash Party

Last night I did the Amazing Race thing with Kattiey.  It was soo much fun.  We got 6th.  Rock on.  I was super super exhausted though!  I never run that much.  Anyways, then after that we participated in the KC Hall Trash Party.  How awesome is that.  63 people parading through the hallways to take out their trash.  How awesome is that?!  Then i got to talk to joe until like 4 in the morning.  Yay.  His family is evacuating.  It\’s taking them forever.  But anyways.  Everyone\’s good.  Boy Meets world is coming on soon.  Yay!

\”The only way Santa can give you a little brother is if he shimmies down the chimney, and that would make your mom a ho ho ho.\”

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