Candy for Test Day

Naps are soo good!  Yay for naps!  I swear, it\’s about the only thing that keeps me alive.  i never sleep anymore.  Woke up late today, so no breakfast for Karen.  I didn\’t miss class though, which is good.  We got extra credit.  1 point on our final grade extra.  Rock on!  It was funny this guy behind us hadn\’t been there in 2 weeks and today she just happened to do the extra credit and he just happened to attend class.  What a lucky kid.  I studied for Sociology all during astronomy.  Sociology test today.  My teacher is soo crazy I swear.  The first like 20 minutes of class she threw candy at us.  It was like a circus I swear.  It did not feel at all like a test day in college.  It felt more like a joke.  It was pretty easy I think.  I think I did really well.  Yay for the sociology.  It\’s by far my favorite class.  So I got out like an hour early of that class cause it didn\’t take very long and guess who I met up with?  You guessed it Rachel.  We watched a bird eat a bug.  It was really interesting.  The whole time I was watching it and just marveling at this bird killing and eating this bug.  And I wonder.  Is this what Joe means by wonder and awe.  That the simplicity of a bird and bug food chain relationship actually amuses and makes me happy.  I guess cause it\’s interesting.  you don\’t often see that sort of thing.  Lab today.  I\’m beginning to hate lab days cause they\’re so long, but at least the planetarium is pretty fun.  Makes me dizzy though.  Lunch: Cheeseburger.  Boy Meets World: Abused Girl in Shawn\’s trailor and Wrestling Match vs. Topanga\’s Sweet Sixteen.  Good show.  Then I took a nap cause I\’m oh so tired.  I\’m really hungry now.  I\’ll call ray and see what she\’s up to.  Tune in tomorrow for another update on my daily life at college.

\”I got one Student elavaluation that said throwing candy at the class was the most unprofessional thing she had ever seen.  I didn\’t take that one to heart.\” – Prof. Bogue

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