Ah.  What a weekend!  Came back to Houston.  Went to the Klein/Klein Oak Football game on Friday night.  We got cremed.  We didn\’t even score in the 1st 1/2 of the game.  It was soo much fun.  I missed the klein games.  I want to be a standleader.  I did get to vicariously live through Joe though, cause he\’s a standleader.  My sister, chris, joe and I went to Denny\’s after the game.  It was much fun.  Cheese sticks and french toast.  Plus, joe and I were being vultres off of Susan\’s food.  Saturday.  Went to the Mongolian Cafe.  good place.  I miss it a whole bunch and my food was oh so yummy.  Then i went to see Just Like Heaven.  It was really adorable.  Then to the Astros game where we won. 7-0 against the Milwaukee Brewers.  If I had to keep up with one sport I would toatally pick baseball.  I\’ll take this time to list my favorite teams…..not because they\’re good, but just because I happen to have some connection to them.

1) Boston Red Sox. I\’m from Maine and everyone from New England roots for the Red Sox.  If not you\’re a traitor!

2) Houston Astros.  Of course.  I\’m an H-Town Girl.

3) Philadelphia Phillies.  I used to live in NJ right outside Philly.  We used to go to the games all the time and I was obsessed with the Philly Fanatic.  I had a stuffed animal and a sweatshirt and I\’ve actually worn it somewhat recently…what now.

4) Toronto Blue Jays.  Totally lived in Canada.

5) Anyone that beats the Yankees.  Let\’s face it, if you\’re a Red Sox fan, you\’re an Anti-Yankees fan.

Seeing as I live in Arlington now, I feel like I should root for the Rangers too.  Back to the Astros game.  Biggio hit a homer on the first pitch.  It hit the foul pole.  so cool.  Then we went to Katz\’s and I tried part of a Reuben.  Today, went to church and rode back up to arlington.  Yep yep.  Fun stuff.  Not really.  now I really gotta revise my English paper.

\”The felonies just keep piling up.\” – Just Like Heaven

3 thoughts on “Baseball”

  1. I love Craig Biggio. He’s my hero.
    By the way, SO SO SO sorry I have not called you. Unfortunately I am not going to Patrick and Ruth Ann’s wedding, and therefore will not be staying with you. ::tear:: I love you Kare Bear, so I will need to come stay with you sometime, and also you should come stay with Becky and I! It would be totally rad!

  2. you know what, I’m actually going to take the high road on this one and not say anything about you hating the Yankees or loving the Red Sox. I’m going to say that it is still ok, and that I’m still your friend even though you stab me in the back, but its ok. This weekend was awesome yay for weekends

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