Happy Sweet Sixteen Susan

Today is Susan\’s 16th birthday!  Happy Birthday Susan!!!!  Susan\’s Super Sweet Sixteen.  Haha.  Alliteration.  Rach and I really need to get up earlier to go to class.  I swear. Astronomy and Sociology.  great fun!  I ate lunch with sam today.  I had a Pastrami Sandwich.  I grilled it and everything it was so exciting!  Then i told her all about the drama that\’s been going on in my life.  She\’s super sweet.  I also saw Mikey today on my way to my dorm after school.  I hope he did good on his test.  Went to Kohl\’s with Chris and I totally didn\’t find anything I wanted.  Oh well.  i\’ll think of something.  It started raining and I got all wet.  Chris got mad at me though cause he gave me his jacket then I took it off.  Then he helped me and rach with math.  It was alot of fun actually.  well the hanging out part, not the math part.  Anyways, I\’ve been working on my paper.  I burned easy mac.  How sad is that!  Whatever.  I\’m so tired and I have so much work to do.  I\’m coming home this weekend!  Yay!

\”I know I\’d jump on that bandwagon.\” – Sam

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