Red Door in Church

Hey all.  So I went to chrurch last night.  Yay.  And then Chen, Jesse, Shannon, Mikey, Don and I went to Don Wang\’s Chinese Food Express.  It was pretty good I guess.  It was soooo cold in there though!  Like Arctic.  My mommy, daddy and Susan got into Houston fine.  In 3 days it\’s Susan\’s b-day.  i hope the wedding went wonderfully!  Then we went back to the church, cause people had their cars there and it was soo creepy!  The exit sign made the door red.  It was really scary actually.  But it\’s ok cause we got St. Jude and St. Michael protecting us, right?  then jesse brought me home and I got to talk to Joe!!!  I was so excited cause he\’s been gone all weekend.  I here the retreat was pretty good though, so that\’s really cool.  At any rate, today I woke up really late and had 6 minutes to eat breakfast.  Govt.-talked about religion and state, English – revisions for myt sucky paper and trig- got a 100 on a group quiz so i\’m no longer failing!  which is good.  75 for Karen.  Hopefully I did good on the quiz we took today.  We shall see.  I came home and had soup and a sandwich.  I\’m gonna really try and eat in the Cafeteria tonight.  i watched my super sweet sixteen on mtv and omg are those girls the biggest snobs!  like seriously, if I ever talked to my parents the way they were talking to thiers, that would\’ve been the end of it.  So spoiled.  Totally spoiled brats that don\’t care about anything except themselves.  Sickening.  It\’s ok though, cause BMW came on after.  Oh do I love that show!

\”I\’m glad you\’re a boy, cause that makes me a non-lesbian.\” – Me

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