Cafeteria Rant

Yesterday I was seriously going to do my English paper and clean my room and write notes and all that fun stuff.  But I was really really hungry.  Can I rant for just a second?  On Saturdays and Sundays the Cafeteria is open for brunch from 10:30 to 12:30.  I don\’t know about you guys, but i don\’t even get out of bed till maybe 11.   But you don\’t tihnk about going to eat right away.  You care more about getting ready to start your day.  I mean I had to take a shower and get ready and by the time I was actually ready to go it was like 1.  So yeah, no food for Karen.  I cleaned up a little….my room got messy again though so I\’ll have to do another clean sweep kinda dealio.  Anyways I was really hungry and no one was around.  Rachel went up North to Denton I tihnk, Kattiey went to the FW Zoo with some friends and Jessica was at bid day for the sorority.  She\’s a tri-delt.  I\’m so happy for her.  Yay Jessica!  So I\’m all alone with no transportation.  So I called Chris because he mentioned something about going to the mall.  So we go to the mall and I ate Cajun Chicken and Grill (Which later made me sick…yuck)  Then we went back to my dorm and watched an episode of NewsRadio and Chris helped me with my trig homework.  Then he went home and I spent the rest of my Saturday night doing homework.  I did notes for Govt.  and I kid you not I used an entire pen.  It was brand new and by the end of the notes it was out of ink.  That\’s insane!!!  I was up until like 2 or 3 doing work.  i had nothing better to do.  Today I went to a Baptist service with Chris, just to experience it ya know?  It was really weird.  Not bad at all, just different.  I didn\’t feel like I was in church.  He\’s gonna come with me to church in 2 weeks I think, so we\’ll see how he likes the catholic church.  Then we went grocery shopping, cause I needed some stuff and then to his apartment where we had nachos, played his keyboard, and played 20 questions.  I beat it with windowsill, but it got salamander.  Then i came home and wrote my English paper, which sucks….really really bad.  But I have all week to fix it.  The final copy is due not this monday, but next.  To the Writing Center I shall go.  anyways, that\’s about how my weekend went.  I have to go to my church later tonight.  I love being Catholic.

\”It\’s not like they\’re gonna put you on stage and stone you.\” – Chris \”Too bad.  If they did, I\’d be a saint!\” – Me

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  1. that little quote thing at the bottom made me smile!!
    im glad your having fun in arlington!!! good luck on your english paper!!
    and i REALLY want to see you went you come down!!

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