Martin High\’s Homecoming

Yesterday was fun.  Went to the Martin High School Homecoming and it was pretty fun.  I odn\’t know why I get so worked up about things that aren\’t such a big deal.  Anyways, after the game, we came back to my place and watched Garden State, cause that\’s the best movie of all time.  I love it, but you already knew that I\’m sure.  Yeah it was 2 when people actually left.  It was a good night.  Oh I also expereinced the famed Chicken Express, which I have to say the chicken was really good.  I\’m not the biggest fan of white gravy, but good chicken.  I want St. Hubert\’s gravy….mmmm.  That would be wonderful.  I really should go shopping for groceries today and clean my room and write that stupid paper and do trig homework.  Rachel\’s leaving me today!  I\’m so sad, what am I gonna do without her?  She\’s going up to Denton or Sherman or something to visit some people.  Meanwhile I get to chill around here feeling sorry for myself cause I have no friends.  I hope everyone on leadership is having a great time!  I wish I could be there.  Anyways, going to that game last night made me really really really want to go to a klein football game.  So next weekend (oh yeah, I\’m coming down next weekend…I\’m almost positive unless something horrible happens.)  I\’m going to go to one.  I can\’t wait to see Joe in  his standleader getup….I totally want to live vicariously through him.  I\’m such a dork.  I\’m excited about it though.  Martin didn\’t have anything even remotely like standleaders.  I missed them.  I just kinda missed klein in general….Like I like knowing the school song and whatnot.  Anyways, it was fun though.

\”I should tell people I\’m your cousin.  I live in Lousiana and my house got flooded and now I\’m living with you.\” – Me  \”You are such a liar.\” – Chris

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