No Good Day

Today is a no good day.  No good.  I\’ll recap yesterday I suppose.  Umm let\’s see.  Yesterday was officially my do nothing except work day.  No socialization day.  Yeah, ok.  riiiiight.  That didn\’t end up working cause Chris called and I stupidly mentioned how I needed to go to Wal-Mart to get notebooks because I needed them.  So he brought me to Wal-Mart like the nice guy that he is.  Then he brought me to Marble slab…I suck at eating Ice cream and then we went to the park, hung out awhile and then went back to my dorm to lend Rach my Blair Reader.  He ended up stying till midnight.  Yeah, so that was my non-social day.  Rock on.  Meanwhile my room is an absolute disaster.  I\’ve like lost all will to work.  I\’ve lost motivation.  It\’s really really bad.  There\’s stuff everywhere.  My room is chaotic and it makes me feel chaotic.  That is really bad.  I got my first trig quiz back and he drops 2 quizzes, so I pray that this one gets dropped.  I did signifigantly better on the second quiz.  I\’m gonna have really bust my butt in that class.  Ugh.  I have to write the first draft of an English paper due on Monday 3-5 pages.  I really can\’t think of what to write about.  Like at all.  I really tried to write I swear, but nothing….and I mean nothing is coming to me.  I can\’t relate to any of the stories harldy at all and I just feel super detached like I\’m not even here.  I may as well not even be going to class, cause I\’m just detatched and apathetic.  It\’s so horrible.  Not to mention that I haven\’t been eating well at all and I barely get up in the mornings.  I do go to class, and I really do try, I\’m just so not in it.  Going to Chicken Express and Martin\’s Homecoming game tonight with Chris.  I\’m kinda nervous about it.  I don\’t know a thing about football, nor do I care about it at all.  Why did I say I would go?  I should try to write my paper tonight instead.

\”If you don\’t have faith you have nothing at all.  If you don\’t have deeds your faith will fall.  It can\’t be true without each other.  You can\’t have one without the other.\” – Sanctus Real \”Deeds\”

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