I was Actually Social Today

Today was the first day that I\’ve been kinda social.  I know…it\’s kinda weird cause I was really social back home and then I got here and my social life hasn\’t been my focus.  I\’ve been trying to figure myself out before I really got involved with other people.  It was totally spontaneous too.  I went to Government and we watched part of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Great movie.  Then to English where we talked about the papers we need to write.  Great fun that will be, let me tell you.  trig took a quiz and i think i did really good on it…so yay.  sam texted me somewhere in there to see if i was going to mass, so naturally I went to mass at 12:10 and then free lunch.  And then I stayed.  Forever.  we did faith facts, which was pretty cool and then just talked.  i know, you\’re amazed.  I actually was social today, Don, Mikey, Andrea, Kersten, Father Kyle, Chen, William and I went to Dino\’s.  Really awesome sub place.  Totally better than Subway.  I had a pastrami and cheese sub….so good.  Yeah, I eat pastrami, wanna make something of it?  So I was out today from 8:30 am to 8 pm.  That\’s pretty cool.  Like 12 hours.  I was really tired around 3 though…cause it\’s normally my naptime.  I\’m such a dork.  Anyways, yesterday Rachel and I ate at Steak\’nShake.  Pretty cool.  I swear all my money is spent on food.  I should really learn how to cook.  that would be useful.  I hae blisters on my feet.  gross.  Alright, but I really have to take a shower now so yeah….talk to you later.  Oh and Danny, if you\’re reading this, there\’s a guy here that knows Fr. Stan personally.  I thought you might like that.

\”Think of the headline:  Wife found dead choking on husband\’s chest hair.\” – Mikey

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