Who Is It?

Alright so I\’m stealing this 10 random people thing from Meaghan.  I\’m bored.  Come on guess who I\’m talking about.

1.  You are probably the biggest reason I\’m Catholic.  You have taught me so much.  I don\’t know what I would do without you.  i can always count on your support.  Thank you.

2.  We\’re so much alike.  I\’ve always felt like you were one of my best girlfriends ever.  Even though we don\’t see each other that much, I\’ve always felt like we\’re sisters.

3.  You were my first love or at least first major infatuation.  We haven\’t talked in ages.  Don\’t worry, I\’m over you.  It just took 3 years.

4.  I don\’t even know how to describe how I feel about you.  I love you so much, no doubt about that.  We shared something so special for such a long time.  I\’m sorry that we screwed it up.

5.  I have known you longer than anyone.  You literally have been with me for as far back as I can remember.  So what if we have nothing in common.

6.  I really care about you.  I don\’t think you even realized how much.  I care about you way more than anyone ever thought I did.  When you stopped talking to me, it really hurt my feelings.

7.  We haven\’t always gotten along.  Our personalities…well…clash.  But that\’s ok cause we totally bonded at Stuebenville.

8.  I swear, I have never felt more betrayed by anyone in my entrie life.  It has taken every once of strength I have to forgive you.  I really want everything to be better between us, because we were really close.

9.  I have known you forever.  We\’ve been tight for such a long time.  I wish I got to hang out with you this year, but hopefully I will next year.

10.  I feel like we got close right before we left for college.  I think you are so awesome and I really feel like I can talk to you about stuff and you can actually relate to it.

\”I feel like a loser looking through a bush.\” – Me

4 thoughts on “Who Is It?”

  1. here are my guesses:
    1, ??        2, stephanie         3, steven brown          4, danny         5, rachel neiray (sp?)         6, ??         7, ??        8, sara         9, shelly        10, joe a.

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