Taco Bueno

Headache.  Ahh.  I\’m not feeling quite up to par.  yuck.  I shouldn\’t have stayed up last night.  Went to Taco Bueno last night.  I feel very Dallas-y.  We don\’t have any Taco Buenos in Houston.  All my Houston friends just looked at each other confused.  What\’s Taco Bueno?  Is that slang for Taco Bell?  It was pretty good.  Ummm…let\’s see, what else.  Not too much.  Astronomy and Sociology today.  Pretty entertaining as usual.  Went to a study group for trig and number 8 was sooo hard.  I hope we did it right.  Ate 1/2 a chicken caesar wrap for lunch and came back to my dorm, watched Boy Meets World and then took a much needed nap.  I still kinda want to go back.  I really don\’t want to go down to eat dinner.  I need to do homework.  I should be doing it now, but I don\’t want to.  I really want to do nothing tonight, but i have to do some work cause, well I did nothing last night.  I\’m such a procrastinator.  Oh well.  I need a vacation…from everything.

\”Gas is 5 dollars a gallon. Why not mow some stranger\’s lawn?\” – Prof. Bogue

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