Why is your foot not on the pedal?

I totally stepped on a slug today.  ewww.  Anyways.  I\’m
back home for Labor Day Weekend.  The drive was sooo long.
It was fun though.  Rachel used her cruise control.  (Which I
didn\’t know existed in all honesty).  I have been living under a
rock apparently cause I totally missed the memo that EVERYONE knows
about cruise control except for me.  Anyways, Came home went to
Fazoli\’s, Joe came over and watched What Dreams May Come (Good
movie!)  That was Friday.  Saturday, Went out with Bil to
Macaroni Grill than dinner at TGI Friday\’s with Joe and then bowling
where I totally lost, but Joe almost died.  (People should not
smoke in there, he\’s asthmatic).  Today went to church, ate at the
Mongolain Cafe hung out at my house went to Olivia\’s bar-b-que and went
to taco bell at like 11:30.  fun fun stuff.  It\’s great to be
home.  Too bad I\’m leaving tomorrow. ahh depression!

\”What some folks call impossible, is just stuff they haven\’t seen before.\” – Robin Williams \”What Dreams May Come\”

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