First Week In Arlington

So it\’s been like a week and a half since I got here in good old Arlington.  Here are some things I have learned so far.

1.  The pull out space on my desk that I thought was completely retarded when I first got here because you couldn\’t even put your keyboard on it, is actually very useful.    I\’m sorry I ever said anything negative about it.

2.  If I keep my fridge at \”cold\” my water freezes, but if I put it any warmer, my ice cream sandwiches melt.

3.  The washing machines holds about 1/2 as much as the dryer and about only 1/2 a weeks worth of clothes.  However, if you dry all your clothes at once to save money, it ends up not drying very well at all.

4.  The squirrels here are not afraid of humans at all.  This kinda freaked me out the other day.  I was right up next to it and it just stood there looking at me.  Freaky.

5.  There\’s not a whole lot to do in Arlington.  Someday I\’ll have to go exploring Fort Worth and Dallas.  (Although everyone I\’ve talked to raves about Fort Worth and hates Dallas)

6.  The cafeteria food makes me sick.  Which is bad.  Whenever I go out to eat I eat half and bring the rest home so that I can have food the next day without making frquent bathroom runs.

7.  I never ever made my bed during high school.  I never thought I would in college either, but here I am making my bed almost everyday.  It looks soo much better!

8.  Just because I don\’t have to be home at a certain time, it\’s really scary to walk home at 11 o\’clock at night by yourself….even if it is only across the street.

9.  Putting a water bottle in your bookbag, though seems like a wonderful idea has the ability to stick all the pages of your textbooks together.  My astronomy book is sooo ghetto.

10.  It\’s hard to clean dishes when they\’ve been sitting there a while.  When the stuff\’s all caked down.

11.  If a teacher has a hard accent to understand you better sit close to the front…that means getting there early.  Needless to say I hardly ever understand her.

12.  Just because you physically leave your home, does not mean at all that the drama of your life that was going on before you left would magically stop.  No, in fact it probably gets even worse.

13.  Roomates can make or break your college experience.  Luckily I got great ones!

14.  In high school I always told myself that I would change when I got to college.  like eating right and excersising and whatnot, but this doesn\’t happen.  I\’ve actually had so much less work ethic this year than ever.

15.  Apparently Cooper is the worst road ever.  At least that\’s what everyone says.


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