Self-Tanning Lotion

Let\’s see.  Yesterday.  Astronomy Sociology and then astronomy lab.  We got to go to the planetarium.  That was pretty fun.  Went out on my non-date with chris and rachel.  We went to a real whole in the ground place called Jackson\’s and I got a cheeseburger.  We watched Wheel of Fortune too.  \”Self-Tanning Lotion\”.  after that Chris gave us the official tour of Arlington and it\’s official.  there\’s really not much here.  We went to his old High School\’s marching band practice and saw them for a little while, passed a MONSTOROUS house and went to a park to look at the stars.  I could actually see some of the constellations we looked at in class.  Then Ray and Chris came over to my place and Chris helped me with my trig homework cause i\’m inept at that sort of thing.  At any rate, Rachel went home leaving Chris and I talking about religion and then he started talking about marching band with Jessica.  They were all excited about it.  Anyways.  He left around 11.  Today.  Government English and trig.  Then I went to mass and ate lunch at the UCC.  I must say, everyone there is soo sweet.  I love them all!

\”Would you mind sharing with the whole car?\” – Me \”I will, but you have to plug your ears because only the car can hear.\” – Chris

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