Making Friends

I don\’t know what it is.  I seem to have lost all of my will to care.  like all of it.  I don\’t want to work.  I don\’t want to do anything productive right now at all.  I need a better reason to get up in the morning.  I need a new fresh perspective.  I need to get my love of life back.  That joy that I\’ve been famous for in the past seems to have gone away from me, for a while.  I can think of one time when I was truly joyful this summer.  One time.  Normally I\’m joyful like 27 times a day.  (I must say though, the one time when I was joyful this summer I was extremely joyful).    Yesterday I literally did nothing for like 5 hours and then I went to church with sam….the coolest girl ever.  I also met andrea who actually lives in Spring, right by Danny\’s house.  I met so many cool people at the UCC.  Don and Sam and I had a huge discussion about Scott Hahn.  How cool is that.  Everyone was super sweet.  We had a BBQ afterwards so I have yet to eat Cafeteria food for like 3 days.  Yay.   Small victory for Karen, avoiding sickness.  By the time I got back it was like 9ish.  Got a ride from Michelle and she had a Buick LeSabre!!  Rock on my car sister!  It was much fun.  I tihnk I\’m going up there today for Mon. mass, so yay!  I love being Catholic!  Then I came back and did laundry…..ergh.  Kattiey was in there with me though, so it wasn\’t that bad.  Except that my clothes didn\’t dry..and were still damp….ugh.  So upsetting.  I was up till 3 last night.  Had a trig quiz today….I\’m worried.  I need to take a shower really bad.

\”If you can taste the burger, you\’re eating it too slow.\” – Don

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  1. lol andrea martin? if thats her she went to KC, was on newspaper staff with me and lives in my neighborhood!

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