America, America, This is You

I have to do homework in Astronomy, English, Trig, and sociology.  I have to do laundry and maybe clean my room a little.  and what am i doing? updating my xanga.  i totally do not want to work.   isn\’t that obvious.  i\’m really glad i don\’t wear make-up.  it makes my life way easier.  so yesterday went to On the Border with Ray and then for dinner went to Chili\’s with Ray and John.  That was fun.  Then back to Rachel\’s and watched TV (Who\’s line is it anyways? and old school America\’s Funniest Home Videos.  you know with Bob Saget)  Anyways, then i went back home and to bed.  That\’s about it.  Today i\’ve done pretty much nothing, but i\’m cool with that.

\”Aww..we make such a cute couple!\” – Rachel

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