What is God\’s Will?

Life is very interesting.  Maybe it\’s just me, but I never ever seem to know where it is that I\’m going.  Everytime when I think I\’ve figured it out something happens and turns my whole world around and I have to start from square one.  This has happened since I can remember.  Just when you think you\’re out, they pull you back in.  I often ponder what this means.  Is this just to confuse me?  Is God playing some kind of cruel joke on me?  Is he trying to teach me something?  Maybe he\’s trying to tell me not to plan things.  Not to jump to conclusions.  I want to do God\’s will, but I don\’t know what that is right now.  As a matter of fact, I\’ve never known what God\’s will is.  There are only a handful of facts that I know for sure.  God Exists.  Satan Exists.  They both work in our lives everyday.  It makes it all very confusing.  I just hope my Gaurdian Angel is looking out for me and guides me down the right path.

\”Everyone\’s saying different things to me.\” – Zero 7

2 thoughts on “What is God\’s Will?”

  1. God never plays cruel Jokes, and he is always trying to teach us. God has a plan for us right. so we just got to learn to take things as is and as Gods plan. Really when we plan things we gotta hope its in line with Gods plan and no we dont always know what Gods will is, it takes time for us to see it. We must be completly open to God and the ways he talks to us (you know through other people through our thoughts etc). Its not something we know at imediate time, but over a period we God reveals a little to us. And yes dont always jump to conclusions, wait till more is revealed to you.Jesus said something about mind of a child…

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