What would a Western 50\’s Superhero Penguin Look Like?

I barely got out of bed this morning.  Breakfast.  Ate Lucky Charms.  Astronomy.  i think I\’m gonna like that class more than people say I will.  Sociology.  Oh my freaking gosh.  That class is crazy!!  \”If you\’re single and you know it clap your hands!\” \”Would you like a gummy bear?\” \”We can get a tradeoff thing going, a banana over here, I got a sandwich over here.\”  \”adam has chosen to share with us his sexual orientation.\” \”This is God.\” \”We can get a dating service thing going on in here.\” \”If anyone has a Kareoke CD bring it to class and we can bust out with Kareoke the first five minutes of class.\”  It\’s gonna be a fun semester!  Lunch.  with a guy named daniel.  He came to sit with me.  Came home \”did homework\” didn\’t take a nap….ugh.  Floor Meeting.  We\’re the Western, 50\’s superhero penguins.  how awesome is that!!

\”My name is Adam, I\’m a sagittarius and enjoy long walks on the beach.\” – Adam  \”Adam wants a girlfriend, anyone who wants to date Adam, see him after class.\” – Prof. Bogue

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