First Days in Arlington

Yesterday.  let me think.  My days are getting blurry.  Oh yes.  I woke up and went to breakfast and on my way there I realize I don\’t have schedule with me so I have no idea where my classes are.  So I quickly eat lucky charms and head over to Ransom Hall (The computer place) so I can look at a copy of my schedule.  Astronomy room 101 and Sociology room 111.  I also found out I have my astronomy lab on Tuesdays too.  (I thought I signed up for Thursday, but whatever.)  I didn\’t have to go to lab this week though.  So after I found out what room it was in I ended up getting lost and going into a physics class…..oops.  I felt dumb, but there were alot of people in the wrong place.  So i finally get to Astronomy and I have that with Rachel and it was soo hot in there.  Then I went to Sociology and my professor is crazy.  like seriously crazy.  She wrote Anthro 1301 on the board and when any students came in late she\’d ask them if they were supposed to be in anthropology and of course they weren\’t cause it\’s a socio class.  They were Punk\’d.  anyways, that class will at least be entertaining.  Then lunch, where I ate alone….so sad.  Then I came back and did homework and took a nap.  Dinner with Ray, and we had the coolest conversation.  Religion and stuff only more lighthearted and funny.  Then to the UTA HOSTS Bowling and Billiards Party.  Rachel schooled me in pool.  Twice.  Met up with a guy that I met at orientation.  It was soo much fun.  We uh bantered like crazy.  He ended up calling me easy and questioned if I could ever get a guy at all because apparently I\’m too difficult to deal with.  I moved a chair at the UC….big mistake.  There were like 15 dead crickets under it.  It was fun though just talking to him.  It\’s been a while since I\’ve had a good banter.  He totally fell for it completely.  He called Rachel Karen like 4 times and now when he sees me he tells me he hates me and then gives me a hug.  Yeah he HATES me….sure.  I found out he\’s in our govt. class too.  oh great just what I need.  although he did say it was too early to talk to me this monring.  These other guys came to our door last night to introduce themselves.  That\’s nice of them.  They seemed pretty cool.  Blah Drama.  Today I hardly got out of bed.  govt. Eng, then trig.  lunch.  I ate with Chris.  Then I got a P.O. Box.  Please Write me.  P.O. Box 192100 Arlington, TX 76019.  I like mail.  Anyways, then I went back to KC and took a nap and did nothing really.  Went to dinner and ate a turkey wrap and potatoes and broccoli.  I should\’ve gotten something else.  Came back home and did Trig h/w.  I think I\’ll be going to the Math Clinic soon.  Now, i\’m pretty much doing nothing.  By far the most uneventful day I\’ve had here yet.  Bleck.

\”In these modern times the world is full of idiots.\” – Professor Millsap

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