College Life

Well first, I\’ll update on what I did yesterday.  My parent\’s left yesterday morning and then I went to breakfast with Jessica and Clint.  I ate eggs and french toast and potatoes.  Then Rachel and I decided to got to the mall in Arlington and let me tell you, the woodlands got nothing on the mall here.  It\’s way nice.  I was thouroughly impressed with it.  You wouldn\’t expect it, but hey that\’s the way it is.  We went back to her place afterwards and met her roommate.  She\’s gonna have alot of fun with her.  Then, We went to the Greek Life BBQ which was fun.  I don\’t know if I\’ll join a sorority or not.  Some people tell me no and others say yes and I don\’t know if I\’ll like it or not.  Then back to my place where me and my roomates did our roommate agreement.  I love them.  They\’re both really nice.  Today was the first day of classes.  Government, English and Trig.  Govt. seems like it will be fun.  English feels like high school and Trig….well let\’s just say I\’l be attending alot of Math Clinics to pass trig.  We\’ll see tomorrow what Astronomy and Sociology are like.  I hope good.  Then I ate lunch (2 chicken tacos, potato salad, regular salad, and tomato soup)  then i studied.  I never studied in high school, so hopefully I\’ll continue this method.  I still have trig homework to do.  I think I\’ll do it after the concert or perhaps tomorrow.  Oh yeah.  I\’m going to a Bob Schinider Concert tonight.  Rock on.

\”The government should do for the people what the people cannot do for themselves.\” – Abraham Lincoln

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