Moving In

Last night my internet wasn\’t working so yeah.  I know now why parents come with you to move you in to college.  It\’s so that it\’s easier to say goodbye to them.  Maybe it\’s just me, but my mom and dad have bee driving me nuts by telling me how to do everything.  It\’s been insane.  I moved in and my room is still a mess.  There\’s stuff everywhere.  I went to mass tonight.  my roommates seem really nice and good.  So that\’s REALLY good.  I\’m excited about that.  Arlington is much prettier than San Antonio.  I wet shopping 5 times in the past 2 days.  It\’s ridiculous.  My parents are leaving tomorrow so then I\’ll really be on my own.  How crazy is that.  I went to the waffleopolis tonight.  It was pretty good.  I had part of a waffle and chocolate ice cream.  I also got invited to a frat party, which completely freaked me out.  They came to my dorm at like 11.  My dorms really nice so rock on.  I\’m gonna have to spend all day tomorrow cleaning though.  like getting everything where i want it.  so yeah, everything\’s good i guess not too much going on.

\”In the reading today Peter answers Jesus when He asks \’Who do you say that I am?\’ Mind you, this is the only question in all of the gospels that Peter actually answers correctly.\”

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