About to Leave for College

This is horrible.  I\’m leaving tomorrow.  And I really really REALLY should be packing right now.  I\’ve spent all morning getting stuff together and I have no idea how I\’m gonna set up my room up there at all.  I\’m gonna get there and be like I forgot ____ and I NEED it!  I\’m so nervous it\’s not even funny.  There\’s hardly any part of me that wants to go to Arlington.  like none.  The only good thing about it is that it\’ll get me away from all this drama that has been going on this summer.  I won\’t have to see anyone, ya know,  and that\’ll make it wasy easier to get over all of it and I need to get over it because it\’s seriously been making me depressed, and I never get depressed.  Yesterday I went to Target and the Container store with Mommy and Joe.  I bought a planner and milk crates.  We saw John Worlow at target and from what I hear Mr. Stanley\’s class is gonna be nothing like it was last year and the year before.  But whatever doesn\’t bother me.  It didn\’t even when I was there.  It was like a study hall with credit.  It raised my GPA so it\’s all good.  Then I went to Jason\’s Deli with Shelly and Jill and there were like a bunch of people that graduated there but of course they were all like the \”popular\” kids so ya know they just acted like we didn\’t exist.  Jill\’s leaving for Baylor today and Shelly\’s leaving on Wed.  I can\’t believe I had to say goodbye to her.  I\’ve been like super good friends with Shelly since like 1st grade and now I won\’t see her for like a whole year.  I\’m really glad Rachel\’s gonna be with me.  I don\’t know if I could say goodbye to Shelly, Joe AND Rachel.  Aww…I\’m gonna miss Joe.  He\’s really helped me through this summer.  I think that I have taken things pretty well considering the circumstances.  I admit I screwed up alot and I\’m sorry about that, but I know that without him to back me up constantly and never asking for anything in return has really helped me alot.  Good kid.  As far as everyone else goes I\’ll miss you all.  Danny, I\’m sorry that you\’re angry and don\’t want to see me before I left, but that\’s ok because I\’m not mad at you at all and if you ever want to talk I\’m always here.  I want you to be happy because I really do care about you.  Please don\’t be angry.  We\’re called to forgive.  You know that.  I know you do.  I\’m doing the best I can to forgive you.  Sara, I\’m sorry that I\’ve been so angry at you and gave both you and Danny lot of crap.  I hope you two are happy together.  I sincerely do even if I might not show it.  I\’m trying so hard to forgive you.  I want you to know that.  I\’m trying.  Also Sara if you\’re still interested here\’s the website for you.  I\’m gonna miss everyone so much!

\”You\’re my everything.\”

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