The End of Summer

Yesterday was the first day of school.  I didn\’t go.  For the
first time in the last 13 years of my life I didn\’t attend the 1st day
of school.  It was rather odd.  So to conclude the end of
summer I\’ll share what I learned this summer.
-The easiest thing to do is not always what\’s best for you.
-Your worth as a person is not determined by your work.
-You need to work to live, not live to work.
-There is nothing sexier than a guy playing with children and praying.
-I get more out of mass when I receive the blessed sacrament on the tongue.
-I learned who my real friends are.
-I have alot of issues with self-esteem that I didn\’t realize.
-God has a plan.
-I need to be with someone who truly appreciates my joy.
-I\’ve done alot of stupid things.
-Getting over someone is not easy.
-I learned what it means to be depressed.
-Catholicism is the fullness of truth.
-Confession is an amazing sacrament.
-The rosary has the power to bond people together.
-Satan is real and powerful.
-God is real and more powerful.
-God literally talks through people.
-It\’s easy to become complacent.
-People are hipocritcal.
-I am a princess, because my father is the King of Kings.

Last night was good.  For the most part.  Joe and I went out
on a date.  Our last date in awhile.  We went to confession
at St. Edwards (a beautiful church) and then sat and prayed the rosary
for the conversion of sinners (that was both of our penances)  It
was so cool sitting in that church alone praying the rosary with
him.  Then we went to Pei Wei.  I\’ve never been before so I
was super excited about it.  Then he helped me clean my
room.  Actually when I say helped he pretty much cleaned my closet
while I attempted to clean my room but he succeed much better than
me.  We played, guess the perspective of the Danielle Rose
song.  It was pretty fun.  Then I talked to Alex and that
made me happy.  Although he did say that he wasn\’t going to hang
out with me today.  ugh.  I\’m still gonna get to see Team
Shelly today though so rock on!  I cna\’t believe I\’m leaving on

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