So this weekend was Crossroads which was AWESOME!  At least I thought it was totally awesome.  I absolutely love that retreat. It\’s my favorite.  I was a small group leader with Jon Chan and I totally feel like I learned a lot from him.  We talked a lot about Harry Potter and Boy Meets World too so that\’s pretty cool and Allison was in my small group.  How awesome!  Becky and I talked a lot too so that was really awesome.  She\’s awesome.  Inside jokes:  2 pounds of turkey meat.  Joe\’s Whip (which he broke swinging on a branch).  Harry Potter.  Susan!  Boy Meets World.  Eric commandeering our canoe.  Anyways, awesome retreat.  Today was good too.  I went to Space Center Houston with Joe, Liv and Zach.  I enjoyed it.  No really I did.  Then I ate dinner at Joe\’s and then we went to mass cause today was the feast of the assumption of Mary.  It was an amazing mass.  I don\’t know…I was changed after it, and for the better.  It\’s a crazy feeling I was feeling.  Like I was giddy.

\”Catholic Social Teaching number 30:  Destroy other people\’s canoes.\”

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