Mass Attack

So yesterday I went to Mass Attack and donuts and then I went back to sleep where I had a dream that I gave Joe a baby lion and he hated it!  Then I pretty much sat around the whole rest of the day cause I\’m cool like that.  Today, I went flip flop shopping with joe and then we walked around Target.  Then I had diner and went to wednesday night where i talked to Sara for the first time in like a month.  It went pretty well.  I mean I\’m trying to make it better, but it can\’t just get better all at once ya know.  I really really tried to make an effort.  Oh and I had a really awesome conversation with Danny so yeah I\’m really hoping that this is all getting better.  I really hope this is a step in the right direction and that I\’m getting over Danny and moving on with my life.  I feel like I\’ve been stuck, ya know?  I feel like I\’m missing out on so many great opportunities because I\’m not emotionally over Danny.  I mean I was in love with him and it\’s not easy for me at least to be like, it\’s over.  But i\’m trying really hard.  I hope that that matters.  Anyways, Then a bunch of us went to piccomolo\’s and I totally freaked my friend Aubrey out.  I haven\’t seen her in like forever.  Then Joe came over and we had a really nice night.  At least I thought so.  I know he felt akward towards the end, but I hope it wasn\’t that bad.

\”Wow.  I\’m God\’s punishment to you.\”

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