No Karaoke

Yesterday was a good day.  Let\’s see.  I hung out with Joe most of the day and then at night Becky, Steph and I got all dressed up to go to Karaoke, but there wasn\’t any karaoke.  Oh well.  So we went to the Macaroni Grill and we saw Justin who apparently works there and he gave us his number to hook up with us later.  We went to Wal-Mart after dinner and then to blockbuster.  We then went back to my house to watch Garden State cause Becky has never seen it.  Today I haven\’t exactly been in the greatest of moods, and the heat hasn\’t helped at all.  Danny hit me in the face with a box at paperdrive.  It was pretty funny.  I think they all hate me though.  I got my roommate (or I guess suitemate) information today, so that\’s pretty exciting.  I guess.

\” \’Do you know what movie we have to watch?\’ \’What?\’ \’What Dreams May Come.  Have you ever seen it?\’ \’No.\’ \’Oh.  It\’s such a good movie.\’ \”

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