Sister Day

I really want to got to the circus today.  Olivia mentioned going today and I really want to go now.  Anyways, I was so busy yesterday!  First, Susan got me up at 8:50 and was like bring me to daily mass.  I said no, but next thing I know I\’m sitting next to Mrs. Anselmi at mass.  So yeah. It was good.  I mean I\’m glad I went, I just didn\’t want to wake up.  it was so weird when Susan came into my room I was like super asleep and really out of it and I was like….you can\’t go to mass you have standleader stuff.  She looked at me and was like Karen, I\’m not a standleader..that\’s Joe. oops…sorry.  I guess I figured the only person who would wake me up to go to daily mass would be Joe, and I was really tired.  So I go to mass, the I went to Denny\’s with Susan for breakfast.  Like a sister thing or something.  I got french toast.  Then I took a shower and then I went to see Madagascar with Susan and Chris.  I totally felt like I was butting in on their date.  It was an ok movie.  Pretty cute.  Then Joe came and brought us to the mall for a late lunch and then we had to find shorts for Susan which was pretty fun.  Then Joe brought her and Chris to the cheer place, while I went up to Panera to get my money and then to the bank to deposit my final paycheck and to exchange Canadian money for American dollars.  Then we went to pick up my sister and then we went to rosary and then to youth night for a little bit.  Left early though.  Then watched Garden State with Joe cause that movie rocks.

\”Good luck exploring the infinite abyss.\”

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