Panera Bread Sucks

Never work at Panera Bread!  It\’s a bad idea.  They screw you over.  So I deposited my paycheck right before I went to Maine, and all was fine and dandy.  Today I get something in the mail from Wells Fargo and I open it and they sent it back and said that Panera had insufficient funds and couldn\’t pay me (the check bounced) and then the bank charged me a fee of 7 dollars for whatever reason.  So not only was i working at a place i hated with people i hated, i didn\’t even get the money that I earned and LOST 7 dollars from my checking account all because Panera is retarded.  Now I have to go out of my way down to Panera wasting my gas and time and confront them about this (which is an inconveince to me) to fight for money that I earned that they are required by law to pay me in the first place.  That really pisses me off.

\”I got hit on by a 7 year old.\”

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