Hanging Out with Friends

Everyone is probably aware by now that my parents have been out of town (in Maine) or about a month.  This leaves Bil and I the house to ourselves.  (It\’s really not that great seeing as he\’s always in his room playing video games and I have no one to talk to…rather boring if you ask me)  Well, seeing as we\’ve been here for about a month minus a week.  We don\’t exactly have the best food or really anything good to eat, because that would require going to the store and buying something and then cooking.  I hate cooking, or at least cooking when I\’m the only one eating by myself.  I wasn\’t in the mood yesterday to cook so I called Rachel to se if I could luck out and go out.  (I mean we\’re friends right?)  So I called Rachel and she invited me to dinner at her house, so I go to her house, but she was picking up Matt at the time.  Mrs. Neyrey made me macaroni & cheese with spaghetti sauce…an interesting combo.  So Rachel gets there with Matt and we watch the end of her defensive driving course and then go to Blockbuster and I see Stephanie!  I haven\’t seen her in like forever and that\’s sad because I love my Stephanie.  So then we went back to Ray\’s house and this guy Aaron shows up (apparently he\’s Matt\’ best friend) and we play a game of Uno.  I got in 3rd place.  Shelly called me around 10ish and so she came over to Ray\’s house too.  We ended up hanging out there until around 1 and then she hung out at my house til about 3.  It was crazy cool.  Good conversation.  I\’m really gonna miss hanging out with her next year.  Stupid top ten percent rule.  anyways, tonight is casino night, the only youth week event I\’m going to and Steph might sleep over, but I\’m not sure.  Joe\’s coming home today from Washington so I\’m gonna hang out with him too so yeah that\’s pretty much what\’s been going on the past day and a half I guess.  Thanks for reading.

\”We live in a beautiful world.\”

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  1. Yes, I can sleep over tonight! I’m so excited! We’re not going to get any sleep, just sit up and talk all night… pretty much like we always do. I love my Kare Bear too! :o)

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