Maine, 2005

I\’m back from Maine now.  Isn\’t that exciting?  Ok at least
pretend to care.  I\’ll give you a day by day recap so that you can
feel involved in my life.  I didn\’t go to bed Thursday night at
We left around 4 in the morning, so what\’s the point of trying to
sleep.  When we got to Portland, we met up with my mom, Aunt
Cathy, Katrina, Susan, Sherri, Katie Ann, and Jessica.  We decided
at this point to go to Old Orchard Beach, eat on the pier and walked on
the beach.  It was so nice.  I love the beach, it\’s my
favorite place.  After that, we went up to Augusta (my birthplace
and the capital of Maine, in case you didn\’t know)  where my
Godfather lives and that\’s where we slept.  We ate Captain Cody\’s
too, so rock on!  It was fun we watched alot of stand up
I woke up early saturday morning so we could bustle to Orland, where my
Godmother lives and where the party for my Memere was.  We had
breakfast there and I got to see everyone on my dad\’s side pretty
much.  Including my cousin, Mike\’s new wife and stepkids, Lauren
and Bragg.  Lauren is pretty fun, we hung out with her….she
probably thinks our family is weird though.  Anyways, I got to
drive the wave runner with my cousin Nicole.  She said I was going
too fast for her, which is weird, cause I never go fast in anything
else.  There were a bunch of kids around and we went swimming in
the lake with them.  I swear, Kasey is the bravest 3 year old I\’ve
ever met.  She was in and out of the water without either of her
parents around.  Jason took me tubing too, which was a whole lotta
fun and Dan swam across the whole lake.  Very impressive.  It
was miles long.  After the party and the group photo, my family
went back to Ellsworth and slept in a Holiday Inn.
Sunday morning we went to church.  It was the first time my whole
family had been to church together in I don\’t even know how many
years.  In the middle of mass a guy behind us sneezed constantly
for like 10 minutes straight.  It was insane.  We went Orland
again for lunch and then on to Eagle Lake!  The most happening
town in Maine.  When we got there we went shopping and my whole
family took up the whole store.  It was fun.  We played Texas
Hold \’Em and Dan won.  We stayed at camp, like we normally do when
we go to Eagle Lake.
Now, In Canada the legal age to drink and gamble is 18, and seeing as
Eagle Lake Maine is on the border (pretty much) there was a little bit
of an outing to gamble on Monday.  I decided not to go, but just
know that I could have if I had wanted to.  I didn\’t desire to
lose my money and I knew if I lost in the beginning I\’d have to wait
until really late to go home, meaning I\’d be at the casino with nothing
to do for hours.  My uncle, dad, brothers and Kelly went
though.  Dan was the big winner with 52 dollars and my dad won
37.  The rest lost.  So, because me and Nicole didn\’t want to
go to Quebec, we went to Fort Kent.  Far less entertaining.
We should go to Madawaska next year, at least it\’s like a city.
Fort Kent was kinda fun though.  We got to go shopping at
least.  For dinner we went to Aunt Anne\’s and had Poulet Gras
(Grass Soup).  There were like 20 people there it was crazy.
Today we went to Canada, Edmunston to be exact and went to the
mall.  I got a really cute shirt and a new watch band.  It
was fun.  Or at least more fun then Eagle Lake or the rest of
Northern Maine is.  We also visited the cemetary and took an Eagle
Lake tour, conducted by my father.  So exciting.
We woke up and headed to Aunt Anne\’s for breakfast and then
downstate.  First to the cemetary in Lewiston to visit my
grandfather (Grass hasn\’t grown on his grave for the last 2
years….kinda creepy)  Then to Auburn to get Italians (although I
got a wrap instead)  oh and whoopi pies too.  Then to my Aunt
Dot\’s house in Saco and we ended up staying at myAunt Cathy\’s house in
Arundel to sleep.  Fun stuff.  She has a crazy theory about
Harry Potter.  I think she\’s insane.
Got on a plane to fly home and then took a shower and now I\’m writing
in my xanga.  That\’s about it.   Thanks for reading.

\”You like guys with weird last names.\”

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  1. sounds like you guys had fun. I’m back from Austin too, so we need to hang out soon. I’m working all weekend though 😮 8-1am Friday and Saturday and 5-midnight on Sunday. But I will be bored out of my mind next week.

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