Day Before Maine

I gtg up to panera to talk to my boss and I\’m really nervous.  She scares me.  Oh well.  I think I secretly want to get fired so that I don\’t have to go back after I get back from Maine.  That would suck.  Anyways.  I get to go to ME tomorrow morning.  I have to wake up at like 4 or something.  I probably won\’t sleep at all, seeing as Joe finally got service in Oregon, and I have a feeling that my service in ME won\’t be the greatest.  So tonight will be like the last night that I can really talk to him.  It\’s ok though.  I think I\’ll be better in ME.  It\’ll give me a break from everything.  I need a break.  Just to chill out and not have to worry about anything.  I\’m doing laundry today and packing and attempting to clean my room, but I figured I\’d say a little something before I go away, because I don\’t think I\’ll be updating alot while I\’m in ME.  Not that I\’ll be there that long, but whatever.

\”I get all the news I need on the weather report.\”

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