Trying Hard

Wish me luck guys.  I have to talk to my boss tomorrow and she gets the final say on whether I keep my job.  Besides that, It\’s overall been pretty good.  I get to go to Maine in like 2 days!  I\’m so excited!!  I love my family and I can\’t wait to see them!  I really need to eat something good too.  I\’ve been eating out….alot, and I\’m starting to not feel good.  I need like a homecooked meal.  But that\’s what Maine is for.  It\’s my vacation.  I\’m so excited.  My mom said that I might get to go to the beach.  I miss going there.  I could see myself getting a week or so off from any job to spend a little bit in Maine every year.  I don\’t want that tradition to be over, ya know?  My family is too important to me.  I went to Fazoli\’s w/Alex tonight.  It was pretty fun, although he seemed really \”detatched\” and that was really deppressing.  I mean I understand why and everything, but I wish I could make him happy.  I guess i\’m like that.  I want to make everyone happy.  At least I try to.  I really do try, I might not succeed, but I do try.  That\’s what i\’m gonna tell Leah tomorrow.  I try really hard, I\’m sorry if it\’s not good enough.

\”People should work to live, not live to work.\”

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