Please, Don\’t Be Mad

It seems like there are people who are mad at me, or at least are mad at how I\’m handling the situation.  I respect your opinion.  I really do.  And I\’m sorry that you don\’t think I\’m doing a very good job.  I don\’t hate anyone.  I really don\’t.  I am incredibly hurt, though.  I\’m sorry if I offended anyone, it has not been my intention.  I really don\’t think you understand how taxing this is on me emotionally and I think that I need to work things out with me before I can work things out between me and danny and sara.  I honestly cannot handle it right now, I\’m not emotionally stable enough.  As far as respect goes, I admit there are alot of things that I don\’t respect about danny.  There are alot of wounds that need to be healed there and there was alot of crap that damaged me as a person, and I can\’t make myself respect that.  I wouldn\’t respect that if it was someone doing it to one of my friends.  I know you don\’t understand, so I\’d really appreciate it if everyone would stop getting mad at me for a situation you don\’t even understand.  And I know that you don\’t understand because alot of you haven\’t even really talked to me about it.  Alot of you haven\’t even listened to my side of it, so how can you understand?  It\’s ok.  I really don\’t mind.  I don\’t need you to understand.  I just don\’t like the fact that ya\’ll are mad at me.  If you have more problems with me then call me and we can talk about them, but I don\’t think that I should have to defend myself for being hurt.  Seriously, if you want to understand you can call me and then you can judge me, but judging me based on half-truths is simply not fair.  I love all of you, and I\’m not mad at all.  I just don\’t know how else to respond.

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