A Constant Family Reunion

So today was Joe\’s last day in Houston.  Tomorrow he\’s going to Washington and Oregon.  How very upsetting.  I\’m gonna be so bored!  Since Danny and I broke up I haven\’t really seen many of my friends.  I mean, when Danny and I were together we were like constantly together and now I don\’t see those mutual friends anymore.  So I\’ve been chilling with the Anselmi\’s forever.  It\’s been great for the most part.  I met Joe\’s grandmother and cousin and his cousin\’s wife and his brother\’s wife\’s brother and his wife.  It\’s constantly like a huge family reunion.  Then we watched National Treasure, and it was actually pretty good (although I did make fun of it like the whole time).  The new Harry Potter book comes out tonight at midnight and I wish that I was at the party at bookstop or barnes and noble, but instead I\’m at home with no friends.  oh well.

\”The treasure\’s in your heart!\”

2 thoughts on “A Constant Family Reunion”

  1. I’d hang out with you Karen, but you appear to have a lack of respect for my close friends, and I’m really not down with that. I’d still like to hang out though, but it’s hard if you hate those mutual friends.

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