Can Teenagers Have Relationship Counselors?

I was having a really good day yesterday.  I really was.  Joe and I were just sitting outside (you know when it was actually really pretty) and talked about like angels and stuff for like 2 hours.  It was the happiest I have felt in a long LONG time.  Then we went to youth night.  I knew I wasn\’t going to like it.  I mean I knew it was gonna be akward and I was right.  I was so upset like the whole time.  I mean I couldn\’t even join in praise and worship, because I didn\’t have very much respect for the people leading it.  Except for Paul.  I like Paul.  I guess I just lost alot of respect for them.  Then Joe, Stephen and I waited for Michelle at piccomolo\’s FOREVER!  Then Michelle, Joe and I went to Joe\’s house and then we went to my house.  Today was really crappy for the most part.  First of all, I had to wake up early to work….grumble grumble.  then my manager informed me that I pretty much suck at my job and I have to get retrained, because I was supposed to have 16 hours of training, but i only got 6.  Michelle came though with a couple of her friends so when i got off work, I sat with them and boy bashed.  \’Twas fun.  Stephanie did have the worst story by far.  Then I went to mass with joe, and guess who showed up.  Mrs. Anselmi, seeing how upset I was mass, took me to piccomolo\’s and we talked for like 2 hours and she made me feel so much better about my situation and everything.  I love her!  She gave me so much advice and hope and everything.  It was totally the highlight of my day.  It got me thinking too.  Wouldn\’t it be awesome to be like a relationships counselor for teenagers?  Cause think about it.  What you do in high school affects what you do afterwards and so many teens are left to fend for themselves and they don\’t really know how a good relationship works.  So teen after teen falls into abusive relationships, bad relationsips that damage their self-esteem, dignity, and self-worth, and who knows HOW long that damage can take to heal.  In a world where the divorce rate is 60% the model for a good relationship is often hard to find.  I just think it would help. Alot.

\”Who am I, that the voice that calmed the sea, would call out through the rain and calm the storm in me.\”

2 thoughts on “Can Teenagers Have Relationship Counselors?”

  1. Karen, with all due respect,u should NOT have lost ANY respect for anyone, if anything gained it. NO one did anything wrong and if u had a problem with it u should have said it in the beginning when u had the chance. no one did anything wrong and they asked u if u minded so i think that u should stop making  HUGE deal out of the fact that you told danny and sara that it was okay, and GET OVER IT! the sooner u realize that no one did anything wrong, the better and the quicker u can get over it and everyone else can move on.

  2. Sometimes what people say isnt always what they mean lyds.
    You must forgive me, but I’m quite a many thousand miles away and a little bit out of the loop but it appears nothing very pretty is going on. I offer my condolences (for what they’re worth), and extend my hopes that somehow this may eventually come to peace.
    And, maybe it’s a bit jaded, but it still holds true: You’re a Wonder. Don’t ever forget that.

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