1 Month

Wow.  It\’s official now I guess isn\’t it. Apparently it takes less
than 1 month to get over me.  Wow.  That\’s a pretty heavy
blow.  I\’m actually a little in shock.  I mean, this whole
time they\’ve been telling me they\’re just \”friends\”.  And Danny
thinks that I\’m a liar?  at least I told him about my
feelings.  I\’m not even really mad, though.  I\’m beyond the
point of being angry.  I\’m so hurt that I can\’t even feel another
emotion.  Less than 1 month.  What does that mean?  We
dated for 2 YEARS, and yet he can get over me in less than 1
month.  I only wish I was that talented.  I\’m actually a
little worried.  I really don\’t want Sara to be a rebound,
ya  know?  She doesn\’t deserve that, so I sincerely hope that
he did just get over me within the month.  Wow.  I honestly
don\’t know what to think about that.  I can\’t even comprehend it
really.  I really don\’t think I was all that important to him
now.  He really didn\’t waste anytime did he.  I honestly
can\’t believe he did that.  less than 1 month.  And he says
that I hurt him?

\”If I live to be a hundred and two, I just don\’t think I\’ll ever get over you.\”

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